Chinese Martial Arts
What is Kung Fu?
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Kung Fu is an American action-adventure martial arts Western drama
The White Arc and Military Jian of the Han Dynasty
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An Invaluable Inventory In 1993 local residents in Yinwan (Donghai
From the Archives: A Really Short Reading List on Chinese Martial Studies
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Patrons of a market stall selling sequentially illustrated martial arts
Research Note: A Challenge Match in Hong Kong, 1890
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Vintage Postcard (undivided back) dating to the late Qing dynasty.
Knight Errantry and the Soaring Sky
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The Soaring Sky. Source: For ten years I have
Earliest Published Photograph and References to Wing Chun
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The Problem with Being “First” I am distrustful of attempts
Through a Lens Darkly (66): The Dramatic Aspect of Chinese Martial Arts
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Introduction We must thank Joseph Svinth for this post. He