Kung FU Season 2
The adventure continues for Kwai Chang Caine, a Shaolin priest trained in ancient Chinese wisdom and warfare and following his path in the American West. Still searching for his half-brother Danny, a bounty hanging over his head, Caine remains calm and resourceful. Season Two also features guest stars including Harrison Ford, Don Johnson, Slim Pickens, Tina Louise, John Carradine and more.

KUNG FU TV SERIES Season  2   1973-1974

Episode 1 "The Well"

Kwai Chang Caine, stricken by poisoned water, lies near death in the home of a former slave who fearfully harbors a secret so precious that it might well save the entire community from disaster.

Episode 2 "The Assassin"

Kwai Chang Caine, stricken by poisoned water, lies near death in the home of a former slave who fearfully harbors a secret so precious that it might well save the entire community from disaster.

Episode 3 "The Chalice"

Caine promises a dying priest who stole a golden chalice, that he will recover it from 3 murdering bandits so his soul will be saved.

Episode 4 "The Brujo"

Caine, proving that faith is a two-edged sword of good and evil, breaks a witch's very real curse over a whole town.

Episode 5 "The Squawman"

When a man kills a criminal trying to murder Caine, the townsmen ask him to go after the evil and deadly father next.

Episode 6 "The Spirit-Helper"

Caine, in a reversal of roles, finds himself as the master with a 15-year-old boy as his disciple in which he must teach him that the act of revenge can lead to the death of the spirit.

Episode 7 "The Tong"

Without returning violence for violence, Caine ends the tyranny of a "Chinese Mafia" and liberates a boy slave.

Episode 8 "The Soldier"

Caine delivers a self-accused coward from inner torment by showing him the nature of courage.

Episode 9 "The Salamander"

Caine saves a man's mind by demonstrating that ugliness -- and reality and illusion -- can be in the eye of the beholder.

Episode 10 "The Hoots"

Caine befriends a group of Hutterites who are God-fearing and simple people yet fear contamination from outsiders. They are involved in a dispute over a nearby waterhole with cattlemen who fear that their sheep may infect the water.

Episode 11 "The Elixir"

Caine prescribes an emotional cure for a medicine-show goddess stricken with a deadly type of independence.

Episode 12 "The Gunman"

Two emotionally repressed people learn from Caine that to accept pain as the price of love is the mark of life.

Episode 13 "Empty Pages of a Dead Book"

Caine changes a Texas Ranger's life by showing him that the law can murder justice.

Episode 14 "A Dream Within a Dream"

Caine finds a wealthy man hanging in the marsh that mysteriously disappears after he gets shot, and later finds that several people in town had reason to kill him.

Episode 15 "The Way of Violence Has No Mind"

Caine, pitted against a Chinese Robin Hood, teaches a boy that only the heart can truly conquer.

Episode 16 "In Uncertain Bondage"

A proud Southern belle, imprisoned in a pit with Caine, learns that serving others and being served are folds of the same garment.

Episode 17 "Night of the Owls, Day of the Doves"

The prostitutes of a bawdy house and their madam (ANNE FRANCIS) turn to Caine for protection against vigilantes.

Episode 18 "Crossties"

Caine is injected into a war between a hate-maddened detective and an outlaw leading a gang of ex-farmers victimized by a railroad.

Episode 19 "The Passion of Chen Yi"

Caine, delivering a fellow Shaolin from a gallant but foolish death for a woman, turns an old enemy into a friend.

Episode 20 "Arrogant Dragon"

For the sake of an unwed mother and her unborn child, Caine champions an aging tong leader who is under a sentence of death.

Episode 21 "The Nature of Evil"

Caine and blind preacher Serenity Johnson choose a path toward a confrontation with evil when they encounter a man possessed by the devil in his own dual nature.

Episode 22 "The Cenotaph: Part I"

Caine is involved in separate adventures in two interweaving story lines: he helps a mad mountain man save his dying wife, and -- in a flashback to China --- battles a warlord to win a concubine's heart.

Episode 23 "The Cenotaph: Part II"

Caine resolves his adventures with a mad mountain man, and -- in a flashback to China -- a marathon kung fu battle with a warlord to win a concubine's heart.